how to become an uber driver central coast

Uber he company on the other hand simply pays the uber driver for his goodness and kindness - it is a similar thing to karma or merit in eastern religions. There is no private driver, public car, just a guy and a car who wants to do good, a company who tells him where he can do good, and a reward for doing good. ... More

how to make orange julius drink

She says - This is probably one of the best copycat recipes of the Orange Julius secret recipes we've come across. The "secret" has got to be the cool whip as it adds that incredible creamy texture to the drink… ... More

how to choose wood floor stain color

How To Choose Wood Floor Stain Color Cami Garmany December 26, 2017 Svb wood stain colors choosing stain color for hardwood floors indiana how to choose floor choosing stain color for hardwood floors indiana how to select floor wondrous design ideas wood floor stain colors for how to choose the best hardwood bona dark ... More

how to draw a girl with a braid

How to draw a girl with a braid, Hair. New video!! Things I used: Camera: Canon PowerShot SX700 HS wi-fi Apps for editing: Imovie Pinnacle Studio Pencil: HB (H&M) Eraser: Faber castell Pencils: Prismacolor Premier (48): ... More

how to download pod cast to pc

To see downloaded podcasts, just click on “Downloads folder” button to open the folder where podcasts have been downloaded. Step 3: Transfer Podcasts from PC to iPhone, iPod, MP3 Players: ... More

how to create telstra email

7/12/2006 · I would like to create a new Bigpond email address but when I try it says I need to wait till the start of next month for it to activated, is there anyway to get it quicker than that as I need it ASAP.. ... More

how to drink tequila with salt and lemon

But the tradition of combining salt with lime when drinking tequila is very much a Mexican invention–and it turns out we've been doing it backwards for nearly 85 years. ... More

how to close ports on windows 10

A. Windows 10 features a delivery optimization which enables machines to share downloaded updates with other machines on their local network and even out on the Internet. This can be configured via Settings - Update & security - Windows Update - Advanced options - ... More

how to cancel nba league pass

I contacted nba league pass support and they claim it's through Verizon's end. I have been a customer with Verizon for over 15 years and if I don't get the service cancelled with my money back, I'll have no choice but to leave for a competitor. ... More

how to delete focused in hotmail

Focused Inbox is a cloud-based service and replaces the Clutter feature. Learn how to enable or disable the Focused Inbox feature in Windows 10Mail App. ... More

how to connect mirc twitch

As you can see, Twitch chat emotes such as 4Head and Keepo are logged in the console as their text strings. Storing the number of occurrences is the first step to generate the Kappa per minute in ... More

how to use ita matrix to buy tickets

Google Flights, while easy to use, doesn't seem to show as many flight options as Matrix ITA. Google Flights have links that go to the airline website that could … ... More

how to change keyboard size on galaxy s5

But a number of users have reported the Galaxy S5 keyboard too small problem. This problem is not limited to Galaxy S5. Many Galaxy S4, S6 and S7 users have also come up with the problem that there keyboard size is too small. And somehow the size of the keyboard keeps getting smaller. ... More

how to build a grow room

Obviously this will effect the size needed for the grow room. If you are planning to grow marijuana to cover the needs of several medical marijuana patients (ah-hem) then you will probably need to use a spare room in its entirety. ... More

how to cook a frozen pastry quiche base

I would like to make a quiche in a tart pan with a really flaky crust. I am not a fan of using pie crusts, since I don't find them to be flaky enough. I thought about using frozen pastry puff sheets. I am worried that the pastry will puff up too high in the shallow tart pans for the egg filling ... More

how to change your spotify playlist picture

26/02/2018 · In this Article: Article Summary Community Q&A. This wikiHow teaches you how to edit one of your custom playlists on Spotify, and upload a new playlist picture from your computer. ... More

how to cook fresh vegetables on the stove

Directions. Film the bottom of a very large kettle or Dutch oven, add butter, and cook over medium heat until butter is melted. Raise heat and brown chicken breasts ... More

pixel phone how to get permission to delete word document

31/12/2018 I cannot open the word documents invitation to purchase Office 2010. If I'm not posting under the right topic please 2007 on Windows 7. I recently had a virus hide all my documents and programs tech savvy or sure of which forum topic to post this under. ... More

how to build a very basic game

Before playing A Very Simple Game, turn up your speakers. This game has a soothing soundtrack! This game has a soothing soundtrack! To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link or Very Large button under the picture at left. ... More

how to cut a track in garagebad

The first track—Steinway Grand Piano—will be selected by default. Choose the Keyboard Collection project to get started. Drop your hand on the MIDI keyboard, and you should hear the sound of a ... More

how to clean blue jean stain from leather purse

28/02/2010 · Just yesterday I noticed some light blue discoloration on the outer edges of the driver and passenger seat Misty Gray leather. I assume this is from denim, even though my jeans … ... More

how to create a chat application like facebook in php

Create the Facebook Application The second step is the creation of the a Facebook application that interfaces between the chatbot and the Facebook page chat. To create the app, go to Facebook Developers page and click Add New App. Add all required information and click Create App ID button. ... More

how to record a call in keypad mobile

follow instagram - friends in this video i will talk about how to hear live call recording in keypad mobiles| hear call recroding of anyone like girlfriend ,wife, friends keypad mobiles. this vid. ... More

how to draw kitten paw prints

Step 2. In this step we look at the differences between the paw in the front of the cat and the paw in the back of a cat. Notice that the back paw has more of an angled appearance and arch. ... More

how to draw simple caricatures

If learning how to draw caricatures is what you're after, then you've come to exactly the right place. Caricatures aren't necessarily hard, but if it's your first time trying one it might seem a little bit daunting. ... More

how to cook garlic bread without oven

5/08/2016 Garlic Bread is a very tasty recipe. Garlic bread can be made without using oven. ... More

how to clean brushed leather

Leather is a special material and indeed, it requires special cleaning techniques. If you want to keep your leather sofa looking shiny and new, here are the basics on leather cleaning and maintenance. ... More

how to become a citizen of no country

The price of a visa, the right to work in another country, or the right to enter in the first place may be different from one person to another, based on the citizenship written in the passport. ... More

how to draw connor kenway

How to Draw Edward Kenway From Assassins Creed 4, Step by Step, Video Game Characters, Pop Culture, FREE Online Drawing Tutorial, Added by Dawn, September 11, 2013, 3:08:30 pm ... More

how to check apps download in app store

App store browsing and app store search are still the most used discovery methods for apps. Relevant keywords in your app title can improve discoverability and visibility of your app. These two factors are essential for app downloads. The following ratio says it all: 0.1 percent of all apps generate 50% of all downloads. ... More

how to cut a 14 inch round cake

A 14 inch, 12 inch, and 10 inch wedding cake adds up to 158 so we will use these sizes and have a little more than requested. Additionally, we will go with the 8-inch for the anniversary cake top just to make it look right. ... More

how to create a structure in sap abap

You will learn how to create an Data Dictionary structure. You will then use this structure in a global ABAP class to retrieve data from the database. ... More

nba 2k17 my career how to change lineuo

A Mtn Dew endorsement. There are a variety of endorsements that are unlocked throughout MyCareer, such as shoe contracts, movie endorsements, magazine covers, billboards, and even being on the cover of the next NBA 2K game. ... More

how to add a registered trademark symbol

Notepad add registered trademark symbol. How to create the circle r registered trademark symbol on a blackberry 8520? How to make registered trademark in blackberry signature? Wordpad how to make trademark symbol. How to get trademark symbol in gb? How to add trademark symbol on fb? Notepad trademark symbol. How to put trademark symbol in chat? How to type a trademark symbol ... More

how to properly clean a camera lens

Properly Clean a Lens How To Properly Clean Your Camera Lens; How To Properly Clean Your Camera Lens. New Stock this Month. We added tons of new stock this month including: Motion backgrounds, Photo stock, fonts, animated lower thirds, green screen clips and much more. Go There . New Stock Added this Month ... More

how to change ping packet size

When I enable Airmax on my PTMP network I ping the CPE with 1500 byte packet size and see the ping 5-10 ms. If I just change packet size to 1501 or more ping is 100-300 ms. ... More

how to create a portal to another world

If your intention was to take a photo of what's really at a Portal location (i.e., the current photo on the Portal doesn't show what's actually at that location), please submit a brand new Portal … ... More

how to clean a clogged heater core

Is it foggy in here? The most common tipoff to a problem with a heater core is when the inside of your car suddenly fogs up for no reason. And, when I say "fogs up," I'm not talking about a little mist on the edge of the windshield, I'm saying every window is covered with moist, warm condensation. ... More

how to download kindle books to pdf

20/04/2017 · This video is a tutorial on how to convert a Kindle eBook into a .pdf, .mobi or .epub file type using Calibre. Guiding Tech Explains the Difference Between EPUB, MOBI, AZW and PDF … ... More

how to become a veeam service provider

Storagepipe has been a leading provider of online backup and disaster recovery services since 2001. We were the first partner to offer Veeam Backup and Replication in an as-a-Service model including hardware, software and offsite storage for complete protection. ... More

how to speed clean your home

Check out our speed cleaning routine and checklist, to show you how you can have a sparkling clean house in just minutes a day! Get the clean house of your dreams, FAST! Get the clean house of your … ... More

how to add private channels to roku 3

You can add adult channels from the web the same way you would add Netflix, ESPN, or any other channel. However, you will find that Adult Roku channels are not listed in the Roku channel store. Therefore, you need to find the correct link for a particular adult channel. ... More

how to delete an internet account on mac

4/01/2019 · ##delete private internet access account Mac VPN download delete private internet access account Router VPN download how to delete private internet access account for Articles in need of improvement ... More

how to keep iphone screen clean

To clean the iPhone, first make sure the phone is off. Then use a slightly damp microfiber cloth to remove ink, dyes, makeup, dirt, food, oils and lotions on the phone. To get rid of fingerprints ... More

how to delete whatsapp messages already sent

This delete/revoke feature is really going to come handy especially when you mistakenly sent a message or you wished you never said something after you already sent the message. The delete/revoke feature will quickly handle the delete immediately you tap on the delete message button on your whatsapp. ... More

how to break up constipation

Constipation affects about 70% of Americans, and more than 40% suffer either occasional or chronic constipation; it’s a silent epidemic. Not only is constipation uncomfortable in the short term, chronic or long-term constipation can lead to many serious health problems. ... More

how to change font color on samsung s6

18/02/2013 · The best way I know of to change the colors for your calendars is through the desktop. Just go to your Google Calendar and adjust the colors there. Just go to your Google Calendar and adjust the colors … ... More

how to build a pub bar

DIY Inspiration for the Average DIY'er How to Make a Concrete Pub Table. Hey DIYers! This Concrete Pub Table is a great project for anyone who needs a modern table that looks great on the patio or in the house. The concrete top is a solid tabletop that will last for years and give a modern look to any setting it is placed in. The LED lights under the clear coasters brighten up the table ... More

how to change sync setting for gmail on iphone

Select Change mailbox sync settings > Advanced mailbox settings. Confirm that your incoming and outgoing email server addresses and ports are correct. Select the check box for Require SSL for incoming email and Require SSL for outgoing email and then select Done > Save . ... More

how to choose boot device on windows

Hi all, Everytime I power up my T400s I have to select which device I want to boot from. This is the same screen you see when you hit F12 at the screen with the ThinkPad logo. ... More

how to add widgets to your wordpress theme

The Best Widgets For WordPress WordPress Tutorial for Beginners – Using widgets (Adding Facebook Widget) – Part 24 How to Install a FREE WordPress Theme for your Blog Amazon Affiliate Niche Site Plus Adsense Ads How to Add a Banner On WordPress Widgets Lazuk Hasan How To Add Adsense To WordPress Blog WordPress Adsense Tutorial How to ... More

how to change os in android mobile

One is the Android app, the other a PC-side app that can be downloaded from Cyanogen. The user connects the phone to the PC, and the PC-side app performs most of the heavy lifting required to ... More

how to delete omegle ban

The easiest trick to bypass Omegle ban is as follows: Delete History of your webbrowser. You must delete Omegle cookies and you can do this very easy in FireFox (go to Tool Bar - History - Clear recent history) or simply press Ctrl+Shift+Delete and the following window appear on your screen. ... More

how to build a simple bunker in minecraft

Make it Step 1 Make 2 pillars 3 blocks tall 2 blocks apart from each other. Step 2 Put ladders on north and south sides of the pillars. Step 3 Put a bed in between the pillars. Step 4 Place 2 blocks above the bed and place another... ... More

how to draw a tree frog

Want to learn how to draw a frog that looks like this? Follow illustrator Gina Mikel's step-by-step instructions to draw a realistic frog. You may want to print out these instructions so you can see the whole sequence as you start your frog. a 6B pencil (or a pencil that draws a soft, smudgy line) a ... More

how to draw a tree mural

How to Paint a Tree Mural (cc) image by SharonaGott/flickr . While you may not be able to paint a masterpiece such of the likes of VanGogh, you can still create a beautiful mural in your home. The amount of skill you need to succeed is the ability to draw a straight line and to basically color by number. The tools you will need to paint a mural are: Acrylic paints, or pints of a kid safe paint ... More

sims 4 fairy how to become

Personally i think it makes a bit more sense for the fairies to only show their wings in fairy form... and it makes it more interesting when meeting new sims in that you don't know- it sorta spoils the fun of making relationships when you can see the fairies walking right by you at the bookstore, lol. ... More

how to disable add ons kodi

Step 6: In the future, check for updates manually by navigating to the Add-ons tab on the main Kodi menu, and then click on the Available updates icon at the top of the interface. ... More

how to download a facebook album to ipad

I have the app Photos on my iPad mini, on iOS 7. I am viewing a stream shared by a friend. When I am on a photo, I can save it to my Camera Roll. But, when I am on a video, I cannot save it to... I am viewing a stream shared by a friend. ... More

how to achieve whistle note

The note you whistle varies based on the tightness of your lips. As you practice whistling, you learn what amount of tightness is needed to make a specific note. Do it more, and it will be engrained in your muscle memory, so you can produce the desired tone without even thinking about it. ... More

how to build a house on stilts in ark

We build around 400 homes every year for all kinds of customers, from young families who need room to grow, to empty nesters wanting to downsize. We love what we do and take pride in our work, so you can be confident when you build with Hallmark Homes. ... More

how to connect 4g modem with bluetooth

Connection of iphone with usb modem varies according to the generation of the iphone, However, the general and the most famous method is : - Live outside of the US AT&T doesn`t allow it yet ,See step 1, then use Bluetooth to connect your computer to your iPhone. ... More

how to cook steak for tacos

Heat grill to high. Wrap tortillas in aluminum foil and on the top rack of the grill while the steak is grilling. Heat grill pan over high heat. ... More

how to build an enchantment table in minecraft

How To Make An Enchantment Table In Minecraft 12 Steps -> Source Minecraft Is There A Height Limit On Bookshelves Enhancing An -> Source Enchanting Official Minecraft Wiki -> Source ... More

how to trace a spoofed call

One of the reasons why is because caller ID spoofing is very difficult to trace. How to Protect Yourself From Caller ID Spoofing The best method to avoid potential scammers and harassing callers is to let calls from unknown numbers go to voicemail and then use a reverse phone lookup app or site , such as CallerSmart, to look up the number. ... More

how to completely delete an item on google sheets

I created an add-on menu for Google Sheet by using script SpreadsheetApp.getUi().createAddonMenu(). But as requested by our customer, instead of putting this menu under Add-ons, now we put this menu on top menu by using SpreadsheetApp.getUi().CreateMenu() and want to remove the menu under Add-ons. ... More

how to clear browsing data in chrome

A one hours browsing history of you cant tell much about you. But one months, a weeks or a few days of your browsing history may reveal the inner of you in front of others. ... More

how to ask for mental help

Sisters in Mental Illness is a new vlog series where Shaley has real conversations with brave SheLovelys who are willing to share their experience living with a mental illness. We live in a time where one in four people struggle with a mental health disorder, so these conversations are very ... More

how to build a card tower

STEM Activity - Card Tower For our most recent STEM activity, the kids had to build as tall a tower as they could out of playing cards. They were given a handful of cards, a pair of scissors, and 10 minutes to come up with a plan with their partner or group (which they got to choose this time). ... More

how to build a sword in minecraft pe

10/05/2015 · Kick the Buddy Fun With All Weapons VS The Buddy Android Games 2018 Gameplay Friction Games Friction Games 576 watching. Live now ... More

how to break into a front door

The info to get into these locks has been easily googleable for a couple of years, last summer my sister in law snapped the key off in her porch door and phoned me for help. Less than 5 mins of ... More

how to build an intranet with open source software

How to Build Your Own Free Intranet. In most cases, pre-built software provides an intranet environment sufficient for many business needs. Some open source options also give you the flexibility to expand the base functionality of the software, once your business requirements exceed what the software can do for you. ... More

how to download wwe 2k17 on windows 10

WWE 2k18 For PC/Laptop (WWE 2k18 on Windows 10**/8/8.1/7) September 16, 2018 by wwe2k18 Leave a Comment WWE 2k18 For PC : Everyone who loves wrestling games are eagerly waiting for WWE 2k18 APK for PC. ... More

how to ask for money for wedding gift poems

These poems are printed free of charge in any Brambles wedding invitations. Words and Poems with Code G ~ to ask your guests for Gifts, Money or Vouchers Scroll down further, for ways to ask for Honeymoon donations, or no gifts at all ... More

how to cook with hemp protein

Nicole Frain. Nicole works for Bulk Nutrients in Customer Service, Research and Development and is our On Site Recipe Creator! Nicole’s experience in ‘healthier’ cooking comes from her CleanTreats page which she founded late 2013 and has grown her audience organically. ... More

how to cook silver perch fish

Silver perch have been recorded in a wide range of habitats throughout the Murray-Darling basin. In rivers, large streams, lakes and impoundments, habitat associations range from upland river rapids, to sandy beaches in turbid lowland rivers. Silver perch is one of the only larger native fish to appear near the water surface. ... More

how to change huawei e5331 pocket wifi password

Change Huawei E5331 SSID (Wifi name) Most Huawei routers have the default SSID. These names are known and limited in number, enabling to scan quickly and easily for them, and to easily detect the network and its parameters if there is a match. ... More

how to draw anime style faces

You can shape it round, thin, big, depends on your style, your character's look and age. Step 3 Add two indicative lines on your face: the first one (the longest in my image) has to cut the face in the middle (always trace it from the chin). ... More

how to draw youtube easy

How To Draw Cute Colors Easy Drawing For Kids Youtube Coloring 17159 Design ideas Res: 480x480, Added on , Tagged : at Sample Page ; How To Draw Cute Colors Easy Drawing For Kids Youtube coloring Wallpaper. Home How To Draw Cute Colors Easy Drawing For Kids Youtube coloring . How To Draw Cute Colors Easy Drawing For Kids Youtube ... More

how to change a pdf to a word document

23/04/2012 · I saved a Word document to pdf. Now the Word document is unopenable, possibly corrupted. Can I convert the pdf back to Word including formatting? ... More

how to add 0011 with phone australian number with

Namely, the 011 International exit code used to dial abroad from the US is 00 in Germany (and all European countries), 0011 when dialing from Australia and so on. We provide a list with all these international exit codes (also known as International Direct Dial codes). ... More

how to choose a memory foam mattress pad

A memory foam mattress that comes with 5 lb per cubic foot is proven to outlast the 3 pound memory foam just an average of ten years. Most of the high-end mattresses, including the first few generations that were made specifically for NASA and the medical field, have between 5 to 7 pound density foams. ... More

how to connect dlink modem

Dear Forummates, I have been trying to connect my dlink modem to the netgeat router. When i connect router in between of modem and PC net just do not ... More

how to change video format of web ex to mp4

I want to convert them to .mp4 format. WRF is a web file format which was developed by WebEx Recorder. It contains video and audio data which can be used for training, demonstrations and conferencing purposes. ... More

how to delete my paypal account 2016

91 comments on “ How do I close my Paypal account? ” mjazz The account was closed out on Saturday, March 5th, 2016! I hope now I wont get any more letters from Pay Pal that I tried to open up or use my Pal Pal account! Reply. Anthony says: April 17, 2015 at 11:06 am. Pay – pal – you gonna pay pal – you gonna pay dearly pal if you use PayPal. Before you decide to use PayPal you ... More

how to clean a video game disc for xbox 360

31/07/2011 · Troubleshooting: My Xbox 360 Game Keeps Freezing, And It's Clean! Hey Guys, today on VGT I will walk you through on how to repair your problem on your Xbox 360 game disc. The first question, it doesn't work but it's clean! Okay here's the steps you need to take to play your game again. 1. When your on the Xbox 360 dashboard, scroll to the right to the System settings. And once your … ... More

how to cook tomatillos for chili

Put the tomatillos on a foil-lined baking pan and roast in the oven, turning them over once halfway through, until their tops and bottoms have blackened and the tomatillos are a khaki-green color and cooked to the core, 20 to 30 minutes. Let them cool to … ... More

how to become a good java developer

Being a computer software developer isn't a right fit for you. Your answers indicate that you don't have enough of the qualities you need to succeed: excellent listening and speaking skills , as well as critical thinking and teamwork . ... More

how to catch murray cod in winter

Smaller Murray Cod will most likely be shut down and Golden Perch will follow the same path, there is absolutely no point in fishing light. While during summer we can afford to fish light gear, in winter it is just not an option. ... More

minecraft how to download optifine

Optifine is one of the most downloaded Minecraft mods ever made, and in this article, we will teach you how to download & install Optifine in Minecraft. ... More

how to draw with pastels youtube

(10) Kissing Couple scenery drawing for beginners with Oil Pastels - step by step - YouTube ... More

poem how to ask your girlfriend to have a baby

Baby Shower poems are a cute and fun way to invite friends and family to a baby shower. Here are some delightful and cute poems and baby shower sayings. You can create your own to personalize your message (by including the expectant mother's name) or use one of these poems below: ... More

how to change lock screen on galaxy s4

Step 2: Give the App Alert Access. After installing the lock screen, open the application and select Android L Notification settings. This will place you in your … ... More

how to build a virtual server using vmware

But you could deploy Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 on a PC and use the Remote Server Administration Toolkit (RSAT) to remote manage the free and fully featured Hyper-V Server that does not have a ... More

how to connect live floppy disks virtualbox

To add a virtual SATA hard disk, click the icon on the right and click : Create a new disk. Choose the type of hard drive you want. Note : to use other virtual hard disk … ... More

how to delete songs from iphone 6s

Any way, to delete albums from iPhone easily and quickly, the iOS Eraser is your best choice. Next, let's go through the process of removing albums on iPhone by using the iOS Eraser. Next, let's go through the process of removing albums on iPhone by using the iOS Eraser. ... More

how to clean kitchen fan grease

Instructions on intensely cleaning the kitchen in your home. Use the kitchen checklist to give you a deep down clean. SHARE PIN Dust and clean the ceiling fan.You may need to use a gentle cleanser like Murphy's Oil Soap. Take down any light fixtures and gently wash and dry them before replacing. Video: Clean a Ceiling Fan; Take down draperies, curtains, and blinds to wash or have cleaned ... More

how to eat a burger etiquette

Home Etiquette How to Etiquette – How Not To Eat a Business Lunch. Etiquette – How Not To Eat a Business Lunch There are few things scarier than taking a client out to lunch. Lunch should be something pleasurable – whether it’s a five-course meal bombed out with gallons of booze or a supermarket sandwich shovelled down at the desk, it represents a break in the day, a milestone on … ... More

how to make a cold call for a job

A crucial step before making cold calls is setting clear goals. Your main objectives are to make a good first impression and to secure an appointment. Use the following tips to help you further focus before making your calls: ... More

how to draw comics the marvel way online

Each binder complements the colour scheme of Draw the Marvel Way and is the perfect way to keep your Marvel drawing collection together in easily manageable files. Can I check my subscription status online? ... More

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how to cut hanger steak

Hanger steak is produced from the body skirt group of muscles which are lean and sit near the internal organs so it has a stronger beefier taste to it. This steak has a very course, open grained texture and is very lean but also very tender when cooked correctly.

how to download items into google sketchup

Google SketchUp is licensed as freeware for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit operating system without restrictions. It is in architecture / cad category and is available to all software users as a free download.

how to change your slither io skin

Skins Slither.oi For a variety of game play it is necessary to come up with other ways that could decorate virtuality something to surprise gamers. Skins are Slither.oi breakthrough solution, and now almost anyone can modify itself as a diverse set of “clothing” for …

how to cook vegetarian chicken sambal

Check out How to Stir Fry Sambal Long Beans by Huang Kitchen on Snapguide. This is a simple and delicious way to cook vegetables at home and it goes so well with steamed rice and porridge. Sambal belacan is definitely a classic in Malaysian cuisine.

how to build a reef

13/01/2013 How about a little bit of a back story about this build? Up until a few weeks ago I had a 125 gallon mixed reef tank in the works. Got that baby about this time last year off of CL.

how to cook chicken biryani video

In this course I'll teach you how to cook the most tasteful recipe in India, we will cook together the chicken, the rice and the biryani souce, then they will combined together to make the wonderful chicken biryani by it's traditional and healthy way step by step.

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Wales: Swansea WAL, Swansea WAL, Swansea WAL, Swansea WAL, Barry WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 6D3