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how to eat bitter kola

The bitter kola is bitter while the kola nut, when chewed are somewhat bitter, but leave a pleasant sweet aftertaste. And they both have lots of benefits! And they both have lots of benefits! The kola nut comes from the kola tree, an evergreen that thrives in tropical Africa. ... More

how to become an offshore driller

Transocean Offshore and Schlumberger's Sedco Forex have combined to create the largest drilling company in the world. The new company, to be dubbed Transocean Sedco Forex, will have a rig fleet of 75 mobile offshore drilling units and a work force of around 7,500 employees. ... More

how to add visa on steam

23/12/2018 When you add a credit card as a payment method, Microsoft authorizes the card by making a small, temporary charge to your account. You wont pay anything until you buy something from the Store. You wont pay anything until you buy something from the Store. ... More

how to clean a beauty blender with vinegar

How to Clean A Beauty Blender: Easy Makeup & Cosmetic Cleaning Advice (Clean My Space) How to Clean A Beauty Blender: Easy Makeup & Cosmetic Cleaning Advice (Clean … ... More

how to ask for guest feedback

14/12/2011 · Asking for customer feedback can provide extremely valuable insight for your business and products. After every one of my company's events … ... More

how to add colour tab in illustrator

Illustrator's Snap to Units tab feature makes it easy to set precise tabs. Adobe Illustrators Tab panel offers a little-known feature that helps you set tabs at specific measurement units on ... More

mkvtoolnix how to add subtitles

Remuxing, in our context, refers to the process of changing the “container” format used for a given file. For example from MP4 to MKV or from AVI to MKV. It also allows adding or removing of content streams as needed. Remuxing differs from Transcoding in that remuxing a file simply repackages ... More

how to automatically change gaming mouse

Windows 10 mouse has started double clicking on single click randomly I get this with and without logitech drivers installed on a g500 gaming mouse. Basically the problem is that I left click once and maybe 30% of the time it will register a double click . This is actually incredibly frustrating, say you go to click the start menu a double click will open and then immediately close the ... More

how to download with grooveshark

Download Streaming Video : HiDownload is leader of all-in-one stream downloader that aims to download streaming video and audio, enabling you to download movies, music and capture streaming video and audio, record radio from Internet. ... More

how to draw perfect eyeliner

Whatever kind of eyeliner you use it is easier to draw the line in small short strokes than to do this in one go as you make fewer mistakes. Focus just on the tiny part you are working on and not the whole eyelid if that is easier for you. ... More

how to draw a picture of condensation

Condensation usually 'looks' like drops of water on the surface. Some might look larger or smaller and drip. ... More

how to connect a second xbox one s controller

You can buy third-party (non-Microsoft-branded) Xbox One controllers and use those, but they are still "Xbox One" controllers first and foremost. – Robotnik ♦ Jan 19 '17 at 0:43 And the HOTAS , but it's only good for one game at the moment that I know of. ... More

how to quickly stop a cut blleding

If bleeding is still persistent, the doctor may place nasal packs, which compress the vessels and stop the bleeding. In rare situations, you may be admitted to the hospital or require surgical treatment or a procedure where material is used to plug up the bleeding vessels in ... More

how to achieve your most ambitious goals

Figuring out how to achieve that ambitious goal, though, can be another story. Returning to the basics of the goal-setting process is one way to get and stay on track with your business goals, and getting motivated and inspired is another. This article focuses on both. ... More

how to change colour value in photosho

Lightening the value of a channel with the channel mixer lightens colours close to it on the colour wheel and darkens the colours that are opposite it. Increase the value of the red channel, for instance, and you'll make the red tones in your photo lighter and the blue ones darker. This has the effect of lightening skin tones and darkening blue skies. ... More

how to change oil for victa vcs469

With this mower the company has made a small change to the existing engine technology to achieve emission reductions while maintaining its cultural meaning as a robust and reliable mower. The new engine is the result of several years research and technical development by Victa and UTS in response to government pressure to reduce small e... ... More

how to delete videos when full in iphone

To do this, go to Settings > Mail > Accounts, tap the name of your email account and hit "Delete Account" to remove the account from your iPhone. Depending on your preference, you may add them back in the same place. ... More

how to add photos from camera to icloud drive

Before we proceed and provide a stepwise tutorial on how to upload camera roll to iCloud, it is important to cover the basics. Lots of users are confused between camera roll and iCloud photo library. In a nutshell, the camera roll contains photos (and videos) that are stored on your device. It consumes the storage of your phone/tablet. On the other hand, photos on iCloud photo library are ... More

how to become a cpa in china

The CICPA is a professional accounting organization based in Beijing with oversight responsibility for professional accountants in China. CICPA was founded in November 1988 in accordance with the Law of the Peoples Republic of China for Certified Public Accountants. The institute coordinates training and development activities to support and enhance its members professional services ... More

how to add roof racks to a fiberglass canopy

QUALITY DU PONT AUTOMOTIVE PAINTS USED. Roof Racks 80Kg Rated. Tinted Windows with Tempered Safety Glass (E) Marked. Single door handle, ease of use if you don’t have both hands free. ... More

minecraft windows 10 edition how to change skins

The Minecraft Marketplace program will launch on Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition and Minecraft: Pocket Edition in May, 2017 as part of the 1.11 Discovery Update, … ... More

how to download warcraft iii

A Classic Favorite, Reforged Warcraft III: Reforged is a stunning reimagining of the revolutionary real-time strategy game that laid the foundation for Azeroth’s most epic stories. It is a remake in the truest sense, featuring a thorough visual overhaul, a suite of contemporary social and matchmaking features, and more. Command the Night Elves, Undead, Orcs, and Humans as alliances shift and ... More

how to put a break in html

Margins. Assuming you are asking about making a line break between lines of plain text the proper way would be to put the text in two separate paragraph elements and use margins. ... More

how to delete photos from ipad without itunes

Is there any other way to delete iPhone photos without iTunes? iTunes allows you to synchronize and share your pictures, but pose a block to deletion of pictures synced to your iPad or iPhone. But fortunately, there is a professional tool called TunesGo for users to remove photos from iPhone & iPad with easy-to-use interface and clear guidance. ... More

how to achieve leads in aweber

The Ultimate List of Mortgage Broker Lead Generation Ideas 24 Feb 2017 by Will Swayne , 1 Comment When it comes to acquiring new clients, many mortgage brokers feel comfortable with the process once they are talking to a qualified prospect . ... More

how to change google background theme

3/06/2010 Google is rolling out a feature that allows you to change the background picture of to a user defined image. Heres how to customize your landing page background image. Change the Google Background Image * Go to and be sure you are logged into your Google account * Hover over the bottom left corner of and click on Change background ... More

how to determine of amp power is clean

The amp rating of a fuse protecting a radio or tape deck is specified by the markers of the equipment. Thermostatic interruptor A thermostatic interruptor acts like a fuse, but allows reduced power to essential circuits. ... More

how to download videos from internet to pc

5.Choose the blue Download button at the top of the iCloud Photos bar, then confirm you want to download all of the selected pictures in the pop-up box and click on Download to download all the pictures from iCloud to PC. ... More

how to draw bode plot by hand

Detailed instructions on how to draw a bode plot diagram on first order denominators. for the redesigned open loop Nyquist plot are derived based on performance and On the other hand, the constraint in (12b) is derived from dividing. on the right hand s-plane. The method takes advantage of a polar representation of magnitude and phase -. Nyquist plot - instead of the separate magnitude. … ... More

how to build floating shelves

On the main wall in our living room, we added an easy DIY floating shelf with brackets. It was one of my favorite projects in our modern rustic living room makeover and is a major focal point in the room! ... More

how to add a logo over video

6/08/2010 · Add Logo to Video Software: Apply Your Own Branding to Video. I would like to add a logo to the video I created. Is there a possible way to have a logo show for the duration of the video? Well, people in today’s world tend to distinguish themselves in various ways, including the video creation. Yes, adding a logo to the video … ... More

how to draw bubble diagram

What is a Bubble Diagram? This is a planning tool that allows groups or particularly important items to be represented simply and quickly when starting basic space planning.It allows the relationships required between working groups or individuals to be depicted graphically. ... More

how to delete private messages on meetup

You have the right to opt out of receiving Meetup’s promotional messages, but you may still receive other non-promotional communications. 5.1 Your Choices: Account Information You may update or correct your account information by editing your account settings or by sending a request to as described in Section 6 . ... More

how to cook saganaki like hellenic republic

Celebrate renowned Masterchef judge and chef George Calombaris’ book launch for his new cookbook ‘Greek’. Away from his restaurant kitchens what George Calombaris really loves to cook is the food he grew up with, food that is made with love and designed to be shared. ... More

how to become a man women want

Download How To Become A Man Women Want - Wing Girl Method torrent or any other torrent from Tutorials category. Direct download via HTTP available as well. ... More

how to change comprehensive cover on compare the market

After comparing the cost and features of over 60 comprehensive policies offered by more than 50 insurers, Canstar selected us the National award winner for Outstanding Value Car Insurance in 2018 — a record 12th year in a row we've won the award. ... More

how to connect wemo belking to openhab

For OH 2.3, Iad an interesting problem today with one of my wemo mini switches. One them stopped responding to ON/OFF commands from openhab. My other wemo devices were fine, just one of … ... More

how to eat to live elijah muhammad

Summary. The Teachings of Muhammad. For more than 30 years, Messenger Elijah Muhammad has been teaching the so-called Negroes of America on the proper foods to eat to improve their mental power, physical appearance, for prevention of illness, curing of ailments ... More

how to ask a girl out over text long distance

"Cute way to ask a girl out" See more. Dance Proposal Homecoming Proposal Prom Posals Promposal Ideas Asking To Prom Prom Photos Prom Queens Funny Things Random Things. Dear guy who will ask me to prom, I don't care if you do this or not, but do ask. Meagan Russell. my friends! What others are saying "This is adorable.and it involves food, so clearly I would say yes." "who could say no to this ... More

how to clean breast milk from upholstery

11/05/2018 If you spill milk on a couch cushion, it's important that you remove the cover as soon as possible so that you can clean it separately. Allowing the spill to seep into the cushion will make it harder to remove later. ... More

how to become a forensic examiner

A forensic computer examiner may need to work with computer hardware as well, so candidates should have the ability to remove and replace hard disk drives from computer and adjust jumper settings. Also, candidates must not have any criminal record to work in this field. ... More

how to create columns in html

Dave Ludwig is a content developer at Microsoft who creates articles, visual aids, and videos for Excel. Dave's first job in software was teaching banking software to accountants. ... More

reddit how to ask a girl out

24/01/2016 A video on how to ask a girl out on a date Previous video: Recommended video: Subscribe to my VLOGGING channel!!!... ... More

how to clean water bottles in tamil

20/05/2018 Use water bottle cleansing tablets: Many companies make this type of product, including Camelbak ($12 for eight), or you can also get away with using effervescent denture cleaning ... More

how to change display name on youtube

9/08/2009 You can't. Ur username is ur username. However, you can change your display PICTURE. You go to: my account, and underneath ur display picture, it says change. ... More

how to change fish tank water in a small tank

Meaning a 20-gallon aquarium that has two small fish in it will do fine with a 2-gallon aquarium water change per week. Now, if this same aquarium has 8-10 fish in it, you may be better off changing 5 gallons (25%) per week. ... More

minecraft how to build a piano

Hi, Im learning piano and would like to learn how to play minecraft tnt song. I could not find the piano score on the internet. If you have the score, I would appreciate ... More

how to style my grown out pixie cut

See more What others are saying "3 ways to style short hair - when your hair is this short it often feels like you have no options" "Check out these three inspirational new ways to wear short hair!" ... More

how to change standard vga graphics adapter windows 7

AOMEI Backupper Standard For Win7, a free and easy-to-use software for system, disk, partition, files backup, restore, and cloning, especially designed for Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7 (all editions, both 32 bit and 64 bit systems) . ... More

hash browns from deli how to cook

Make 5 times this recipe, using 10 pounds of hash browns, for this brunch- that will fill 5-6 9x13 pans, 2 half steamer pans, or 1 electric roaster. AS A SIDE DISH FOR DINNER FOR 100, you need to start with about 20 pounds of hash browns- 8 to 10 times this recipe- and cook in 2 electric roasters. See roaster directions at the end of the recipe. ... More

how to cool a drink without ice

You can cool water below its stated freezing point and then crystallize it into ice on command. This is known as supercooling. Here are step-by-step instructions for supercooling water at home. ... More

how to build a dc dc power supply

DC voltage regulators supply reference voltages that help stabilize these variations. To make a DC voltage regulator, use a linear monolithic IC regulator. They are lightweight, inexpensive, and are able to output stable reference voltages. ... More

how to clean add from mobile

If you are a mobile dealer creating an account for the first time, click here. Add a few drops of lens-cleaning fluid or water to a lens-cleaning cloth or lens-cleaning tissue. Do not use facial tissues. Facial tissues have a rough texture and will scratch your lens. Gently rub the dampened cloth or tissue on the lens, moving counterclockwise. With a dry lens-cleaning cloth, gently dry the ... More

how to create reseller account in whm

See how your visitors are really using your website. Hotjar is a quick and easy way to truly understand your website visitors. Try it for Free! If you are create nameservers in WHM Reseller account then this answer for you. Lets learn how to change nameserver at hosting. In this WHM tutorial you can ... More

how to become a registered bookkeeper

What do bookkeepers do? The simple answer is: “All the financial record keeping you don’t have the time or expertise to do properly”. A good bookkeeper will be a huge asset to your business. The simple answer is: “All the financial record keeping you don’t have the time or expertise to do properly”. ... More

l how to latin dance youtube

11/07/2014 Licensed to YouTube by SME (on behalf of Som Livre); EMI Music Publishing, UMPG Publishing, Sony ATV Publishing, AMRA, Abramus Digital, CMRRA, UBEM, BMG Rights Management, Broma 16, ARESA, and ... More

how to cut lemon garnishes

Okay, lemon spirals on cocktails aren't exactly necessary, but they're clever, cute garnishes that are simple to make if you're in a rush and need to throw them on several dozen cocktail glasses for a party. ... More

how to build a sawdust stove

Cut a length of the 6-inch pipe 8 inches long. Mark parallel lines upright down the side of the pipe at intervals of 1-inch. Drill 1/4-inch holes in the side along these lines, 1 inch apart, so you have a … ... More

javafx how to delete from super class

As of the JavaFX 2.0 release, there is one such convenience class: PropertyValueFactory. This class removes the need to write the code above, instead relying on reflection to look up a given property from a String. Refer to the ... More

how to change position of image using javascript

I looked over the spritespin.js file and didn't see any function to change either offsetX/Y or the image it was using. However it seems you can call the spritespin function on the div again with changes eg: ... More

how to buy prepaid sim card in usa

No problem this SIM card can easily be refilled on line and at most convenient stores, gas stations and pharmacies throughout the USA. An AT&T wireless prepaid SIM card offers the following free standard features: caller ID, voicemail, three way calling, international calling, and much more. ... More

how to create an xbox live account on xbox 360

Select "Join Xbox Live" on the interface of the Xbox 360. Create Account Create your profile player from the console interface by following the instructions on the screen. ... More

how to add a ringtone to a life good 6

22/03/2017 Good Life Ringtone (G-Eazy & Kehlani Tribute Remix Ringtone) The Fate of The Furious Soundtrack Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Sign in. Share More. Report . ... More

how to download files to colornote

Download ColorNote Notepad 4.0.7. A simple way to take note of everything worth remembering. ColorNote Notepad is one of the many applications that exist on Android for virtual note taking. With it, you can fill your smartphone with colorful 'post-its' to make sure you don't forget anything important. ... More

how to clean white mini blinds

There are a few different ways to clean vinyl or aluminum mini blinds, and it just comes down to personal preference. One way would be to treat them like the faux-wood blinds and clean them by dusting and washing with a cloth. But, if you have a lot of aluminum blinds in your home, this option can be quite time-consuming, especially if there is greasy grime in addition to the dust. ... More

how to build your vocabulary fast

How to Build Vocabulary: Learn How You Can Quickly & Easily Build Your Vocabulary Fast The Right Way Even If You’re a Beginner, This New & Simple to Follow Guide Teaches You How Without Failing Kindle Edition ... More

how to add things to homescreen windows 10

9/04/2010 · Windows Mobile Development https: all devices are basically the same, except for the home screen UI (Today plugin). WM has the default one which you can choose the items to display. HTC has their own UI (which is a plugin itself) but can run alone as plugin. anyhow, creating a plugin requires unmanaged C to do it. you cannot build one using C# or VB.NET. unless you are planing to … ... More

how to delete smartthings app

Or, if the bulb is connected with SmartThings but is not performing as expected, remove the device via the SmartThings app, reset the device, and then reconnect it with the SmartThings Hub. To remove the device via the SmartThings app: ... More

how to become a chartered accountant australia

How to Become a Chartered Accountant How to become a chartered accountant depends upon the country where you want to work, as each has its own requirements for certification. Regardless of specifics, chartered accountants do meet more stringent academic and practical requirements than other levels of accountant. ... More

how to clean laundry dryer

Clean the floor under the dryer and reattach the dryer hose at both ends, testing to make sure its secure. Carefully replace dryer. Carefully replace dryer. Ta-da! ... More

how to delete younow account on phone

24/08/2014 ????? ????? pdf ???????? ???????? ??? word + ??????? ?????? ?? ????? ?? ??? ????? ??????? !! ... More

how to download free viber for blackberry z10

Home IMO For Blackberry IMO For Blackberry Free Download - Download IMO For Blackberry. IMO For Blackberry Free Download - Download IMO For Blackberry . ammer 09:29. IMO for Blackberry is the beloved video chatting application which connects you with your friends, family & also provides best video clarity than any other applications. Video chatting is getting very popular among … ... More

how to cook jello pudding

Very tasty. I made these one night before we moved (almost everything had been packed except our cupboards). I doubled the recipe and made it with a box of vanilla and a box of chocolate pudding. ... More

how to become a shofer

Being a chauffeur is not a young persons job. I have known instances where a young driver lasted only 3 weeks before he became bored with all the waiting around and … ... More

how to change your religion officially

They dont prevent joining, but refusing to share the details of your religion (their holy books are carefully hidden from non-members and you cannot join if you are not born into the faith) might get in the way of getting a security clearance. ... More

how to close program that isnt closing

28/12/2018 President Trump threatened to close the southern border if Democrats continue obstructing border wall funding. In a series of tweets Friday ... More

how to clean metal coffee maker

As you may be aware, I am a great fan of the Italian stove top coffee maker . It is simple to use, cheap and when used properly, will produce an espresso that easily matches any expensive machine. It is simple to use, cheap and when used properly, will produce an espresso that easily matches any expensive machine. ... More

how to delete items from clipboard

Background: I have a script that is formatting Raw Data and appending it to the end of an analysis workbook I have open. The script runs from the analysis workbook as the RAW Data is ... More

how to buy businesses with no money

The answer is yes and no depending on how you define buy a business with no money down. Specifically, it all comes down to whether or not the seller walks away at closing with a down payment. Specifically, it all comes down to whether or not the seller walks away at closing with a down payment. ... More

how to delete wifi search history on android

Simple Way to Remove Android Google Search History. Step 1. First of all, open the installed software on the computer and link your Android phone to the computer via the USB cord. Then this software will detect your device and show you the below interface. Step 2. After choosing the right erasing mode, all file folders will be arranged on the main interface as pictured in the below. You can ... More

how to change the face in a photo to another

Modern software makes it easy to replace faces in pictures. (Image: Purestock/Purestock/Getty Images) Replacing faces on pictures can serve several purposes, but no matter the reason, the process is still the same--cutting one image and pasting another in its place. ... More

how to avoid food poisoning while traveling

While it may feel like you are in fact dying slowly on the bathroom floor, the symptoms of food poisoning usually go away within a couple of days. Make sure you replenish fluids and electrolytes by drinking lots of safe beverages. ... More

how to clean combat boots australian army

Pair of Australian Army Terra Model 3 khaki tropical combat boots with a combination rubber and urethane sole, waterproofed kangaroo and bovine leather uppers with nylon ankle reinforcing, pair of breather holes with brass inserts at the base of the uppers, padded tongue … ... More

how to add toolbar to windows 10

The desktop toolbar allows you to quickly access all shortcuts on your desktop, including Control Panel, This PC, Network, User Profile, Recycle Bin. This tutorial will show you how to add the desktop toolbar to the taskbar in Windows 10, and move it to the left side of the screen. Right-click an ... More

how to make consomme soup clear

A recipe for duck consomme made with wild ducks and geese. Consomme is a classic French clear soup, rich in flavor and totally fat free. Consomme is a classic French clear soup, rich in flavor and totally fat free. ... More

how to connect rdp using different port

8/05/2013 · The client Console application uses port 3389 - standard RDP port. Because you changed the port, you have made it impossible to use the Console application to connect to your server. ... More

how to clean microfibre dining chairs

The purpose of this final step is to restore the softness of the fabric, so that at the end of the cleaning process your furniture will feel just as good as it looks. ... More

how to avoid traffic jam in kl

4/05/2013 Hi, I'd like to ask about the traffic condition in KL. Intending to drive during my holidays there. Is the traffic in KL city near KLCC/Bukit Bintang more crowded/jam during the week-days or ... More

how to download roms on

The original DS is possibly the easiest, just need to purchase a special card which must be pretty cheap now and drag roms on it. The PSP Family may be tricky, depending on the firmware. If it's from the dinosaur age it's mega easy, just update with a hacked updated file. ... More

how to delete frames from timeline photoshop

2 Delete GIF Frames With Removing frames from multiple tables is done by holding the “Shift” key while choosing the additional tables you want to remove frames from. Additional Content. In ... More

how to make a woman come fast youtube

5/07/2013 · - click here and find out how to make a girl orgasm every time! If you want to learn more on How To Make A Woman Come Fast - How To ... More

how to change number your pages in mac pages

Want to tell Word to display a page number on pages one, two, and three, but not on any other pages? Try using the following field, where braces are inserted using Ctrl+F9. Try using the following field, where braces are inserted using Ctrl+F9. ... More

marley bluetooth speaker how to connect

House of Marley Chant Bluetooth Portable Speaker House of Marley’s $100 Chant Bluetooth Portable Speaker is a Bluetooth speaker that you can carry inside its own custom canvas case. But its ... More

how to break off contact with a child

Anyway when we returned to the UK, I vowed to break contact altogether. Knowing full well that if I went to see her and tell her what I thought of her etc, I'd end up being the bad guy, and her the victim. ... More

how to connect to an ftp site with ip address

If you are connecting to an anonymous FTP site, for your username, enter anonymous. For your password, enter your email address. For your password, enter your email address. Related documents ... More

how to delete retweets twitter

Cardigan is a free website to delete old tweets, retweets, replies from your Twitter timeline. Earlier, we covered some similar sites which are really good, but this one is a bit special. ... More

how to change name in linux

Use command hostname to find host name of Linux How to change hostname on Linux/OEL ? Open file /etc/sysconfig/network using editor like vi , nano or ed [] Open file /etc/sysconfig/network using editor like vi , nano or ed [] ... More

blogspot how to change avatar

Unfortunately, I always found the same answer, and my avatar never changed. But I finally found a way to change it. How does one do this? After changing the avatar in the Settings, But I finally found a way to change it. ... More

how to develop courage and bravery

Bravery provides confidence, mental strength, knowledge, and passion, all under one trait. A dose of bravery allows us to make quick and tough decisions, with bravery … ... More

how to buy copic sketch markers

7/09/2018 The beginner artist can always draw in pencil first, then go over the lines with a Copic pen or sketch marker when satisfied with the initial sketch. Alternatively, you can use a rubber stamp to create the outline of a design, then color in the image using Copic markers. ... More

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how to draw a realistic eye

Learn how to draw a realistic eye using these easy step by step instructions. Find out how to give your eyes depth and life with this detailed tutorial.

how to create a perfect resume for job

There may not be a perfect recipe for most things in life, but with a little guidance and refinement, you can create the perfect resume. Your resume is a snapshot …

how to catch zapdos fast in pokemon y

Zapdos will be available for capture in Raid Battles, and caught Zapdos will know the Fast Attack Thundershock move. There is also a chance players could encounter a Shiny Zapdos. Shiny Pokemon

how to draw andy murray

Just for fun, here's a step by step tutorial which will teach kids how to draw Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter - just print and follow along!

how to safely clean your engine

The most important thing is to have a bit of common sense in order to safely clean and degrease your engine to achieve a better-looking car. -Mike. Summary. Article. DIY Engine Detailing - How to Clean the Engine Bay in your Car. Description. Hi there! This article is aimed at the car enthusiast who wants to know how to clean the engine bay. Since I know that the engine is probably the part of

how to draw real steel robots

10/12/2018 How to Draw a Robot. Drawing a robot can be easy by following this step-by-step tutorial. Sketch the wireframe to represent the robot's figure and pose (each circle represents a joint). Drawing a robot can be easy by

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Northern Ireland: Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Bangor NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 6H9

Scotland: Glasgow SCO, Edinburgh SCO, East Kilbride SCO, Dunfermline SCO, Glasgow SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 7B4

Wales: Neath WAL, Wrexham WAL, Wrexham WAL, Cardiff WAL, Cardiff WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 3D4